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House of the Italians a


Minian Italkim TLV


Shabat hours 18.50-19.50


Community history

The Italian Community in Tel Aviv has deep roots but its exponential growth began in July 2008. The development was exponential after the birth of the minian made up of new "Olim" from Italy which has found a permanent home in the Community “Ichud Shivat Zion” in Rehov Ben Yehuda 86


Who we are

The founders of the minian are: Arik Bendaud, Ben Sassun, Elia Habib and Shali Arbib.

The varied origin of the members of the Community (Rome, Milan, Livorno and others) made it possible to meet many traditions that make up the Italian reality but the majority of families belonging to the Libyan Community of Rome has determined the main ritual of the prayers. Other Sephardi rites have become part of the community rites and the mix of rites is a feature that makes this minian unique.

The Minian has also grown thanks to the organization of various weekly activities welcoming many Italian and non-Italian youngsters from the “White City”. The Italians of Tel Aviv can now count on an active community life aimed at people of all ages.



The goal is to be the reference point for all Italians living in Tel Aviv, young and old, looking for a place to meet according to the spirit and principles of the Jewish religion. The organized activities range from prayers to study up to theme nights to make Italians who live in the city that never sleeps feel at home.

In recent years, activities for children aged 3 and over have also been launched.



Shabat and Haghim
Erev Shabat - Hag
Minha and Kabalat Shabat at the candle lighting time
Shahrit Shabat / Hag 9 am
Minha Shabat / Hag
(1 hour before moze Shabat / Hag)


SHABAT HATAn and Bar Mizvah

Looking for a place to hold your child's Shabat Hatan or Bar Mizva? We look forward to welcoming you to our Minian.

Availability of different rooms also for organizing lunches / dinners / Kiddushim.
Write us for more information

Kolel Sunday and various Lessons

Every Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday from 20-22 the Kolel managed by Edoardo Galliani is open to all. We study Gemara, Musar, Halachot and much more. Are you interested in studying and having an Avrech just for you? Contact us


On Sunday afternoon at 4.30 pm Talmud Torah course for children from 3 years on parasha of the week or of Jewish holidays by Alessandra Calo '.

Shabat activity for children during morning prayer.


The Activities of the Italian Community of Tel Aviv are self-financed and any help, even small, allows us to maintain and increase the services for those who participate in community life.


Bank account details:
Bank: Bank Mizrahi
Branch: 421
Current account: 611493
Headed to:
עמותת מרכז עולי איטליה
Paypal: minianitalkimtlv@gmail.com

Bit: 054-6870541


Monthly Contribution
If you are interested in making a monthly contribution, even a small one, to our community send us a message and we will contact you by phone to explain how you can support us.
Go to the Contacts area and leave your details.



Contact us
Minian Italkim TLV
86, Ben Yehuda St.
Tel Aviv, Israel

For any information or to make donations leave your contacts


Thanks for contacting us. We will reply as soon as possible

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