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  • Arik Bendaud

Pesach 5782

Pesach -1st day

Friday April 15th

  • Hametz eating end time 10.07

  • Biur Hametz 11.24

  • Candle lightning, Minha/Kabalat Shabat 18.47

Saturday April 16th

  • Shachrit 9:00

  • Minha Shabat 18.45

  • Moze Shabat/Hag 19.49

Pesach -2nd Day (For Non Israelis)

  • Shachrit 9:00

  • Minha 19:00

First born Fast: Our Community can join the service in Rehov Bograshov 63, Shahrit at 6 (first service) or at 7 (second service). Each service will be followed by "Sium Masehet".

Agalat Kelim : Thursday, Apr 14th, at 9.30 -13:00 in the patio in Rehov Ben Yehuda 86.

Mehirat Hametz: For those who can't sell Hametz through their Rabbi, you can do it at the following link by April 13th:

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