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Pesach 7th Day & Shabat Aharei Mot/8th Day

Pesach -7th day

Thursday April 21st

  • Candles lightning & Minha 18.52

Friday April 22nd

  • Shachrit 9

  • Minha (followed by Arvit) 18.50

Shabat Aharei Mot & Pesach 8th day

Saturday April 23rd

2 Minianim: 1 in the main sinagogue with Shabat service, 1 in the hall, floor -1, with Pesach 8th day service

  • Shachrit 9

  • Minha 18.45

  • Moze Shabat/Hag 19.54

At the end of Aharei Mot Parasha reading, Dvar Torah by Rav Arie Levine


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