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  • Arik Bendaud

Rosh Hashana 5783 תשפ״ג

Rosh Hashana - First Day

Sept 25th

- Minha 18.12 (followed by Arvit)

Sept 26th

- Shachrit 8AM

- Shofar 11AM

- Musaf 11.15AM

- Minha 5.30 PM

- Tashlih 6 PM (between Crowne Plaza and Herods Hotels)

- Arvit 6.50 PM

Rosh Hashana - Second Day

Sept 27th

- Shachrit 8AM

- Shofar 11 AM

- Musaf 11.15 AM

- Minha 6PM

- Arvit Moze Rosh Hashana 6.55 PM

- Moze Hag 7.07 PM

KAPPAROT - Kapparot to be offered by Yom Kippur can be donated to the Non Profit Organization Naton Titen as follows:


BIT 0538211681

Bank Transfer:

Account Name: נתון תתן (ע"ר)

Bank Mizrahi Tefachot

Branch 421

Account no. 209069

To support our minian click here

SHANA TOVA - We wish all our Community and Am Israel an Year of Health and Parnasa Tova

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