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  • Arik Bendaud

Shabbat Vayelech

  • Minha and Kabalat Shabat 18.31 -

  • Shachrit: 9

  • Minha Shabat: 18.15

  • Moze Shabat: 19.29

Seudat Shlishit with comments on Parashat Hashavua at 18.45

We recommend reading Shemà before Shahrit - Zman kriat shema 9.29

IMPORTANT: According to Health Minister office guidelines, our Minian is open to the public according to Tav Yarok. Children will be allowed only according to the Green Pass regulation (PCR test negative).

All the activities for children are temporarily paused.

KOLEL: Do you want to study Ghemara? Our Kolel is open on Sun/Tue/Wed at 8PM. Reach out to Edoardo 053-2240965. Pasta from Pankina for everyone .


- Kapparot can be donated to Naton Titen foundation in one of the following payment options:

- Bit to Arik or Andrea

- Wire Transfer to Bank Mizrahi - Branch 421, c/c 611493 - Name עמותת מרכז עולי איטליה

- Paypal:


Book your Lulav by contacting Arik or Joe until Sept 12th at 9AM.

You can choose between the following 3 options:

1) Kosher - 80 Shekel

2) Kosher Mehadrin 100 Shekel

3) Kosher Mehadrin min Hameadrin 120 Shekel

For supporting our Minian click here

Shabbat Shalom

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