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  • Arik Bendaud


  • Candle Lightning 19.10

  • Minha Erev Hag 19.15

  • Shachrit 9.15

  • Minha Yom Tov 19.15

  • Moze Hag 20.14

Tonight, Tikkun Shavuot, starting from 11pm. We will pray and study until 2.30.

Kiddush is sponsored by Robert Hannuna in memory of Yosef Luciano Hannuna Z"L

-We recommend reading Shemà before Shahrit - Zman kriat shema 9.09

The shelter in our building is in floor -1.

KOLEL: Do you want to study Ghemara? Our Kolel is open on Sun/Tue/Wed at 8PM. Reach out to Edoardo 053-2240965. Pasta from Pankina for everyone .

We remind that our synagogue operates according to Tav Yarok. Please send your certificate ASAP.

For supporting our Minian click here

Hag Sameah

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